Almost everyone knows that those that struggle with mental health are much more likely to have the ability to create some beautiful art. I, however am not one of them… and, like singing, I do it anyway, because… well… I enjoy it gosh darn it!

Having social anxiety means I can spend a lot of my time at home alone. Which is fine with me because I enjoy my own company, something which I have had to learn with time. But it also means that I’m in the same space A LOT! I like to get creative and mix things about from time to time. One day I decided to paint one of my walls with chalkboard paint and I’ve never looked back. It’s given me the flexibility to let my creative freedoms flow.

Most of my inspirations have come in the forms of quotes and life events and just things that make me, me! So here I present to you all, my very bad, but lovingly made, chalkboard wall!


They say mantras are important, so I have mine by the front door 

#catladygoals now if only I could write in a straight line….

It’s the Small Things

Sometimes it’s the small things you can do that count as self-care and can make huge differences in your day.

I was looking at the news articles that pop up on my TV. As we well know, the kind of news that gets reported tends to be skewed towards the more negative side. So I thought “why not replace that with a slideshow of motivating and inspiring desktop backgrounds?”. Straight away I was on to Pinterest and about 20 minutes later I come away feeling proud and way more positive.

laptop and phone

I’ve tried this out on my phone and computer also and I’m really starting to appreciate how uplifting this has made me feel. Sometimes it was a simple reminder to be mindful and in the moment or encouraging messages.

So just for you guys, I made my own Inspiring images that can spruce up your phone, computer or TV.

Download the Desktop versions here

Download the iPhone versions here

Free Vectors used to create these here:

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Vegan Risotto and Courgette ‘Lasagne’

Sometimes self-care is making a super yummy and healthy lunch. I thought I would share this awesomely yummy and good for you, Vegan Risotto and courgette ‘lasagne’.


You will need:

  • Arborio risotto rice
  • 2 vegetable knorr stock pots
  • Two big o’ handfuls of spinach
  • Courgette lasagne sheets (I got mine from Sainsburys) or sliced lasagne
  • Free from dairy pesto
  • 1 microwave steam veggie pack
  • 1 litre of boiled water
  • Vegan butter
  • frying pan
  • lasagne dish
  1. Steam your veggies in the microwave as instructed on pack
  2. Add boiling water to knorr stock pots in a pouring jug and stir until mixed.
  3. Fry your arborio rice in vegan butter for two minutes in a medium heated frying pan.
  4. Add a small amount of stock at a time to the rice until it is absorbed fully. Stir continuously until cooked
  5. add washed spinach till fully wilted
  6. spread half of the rice out on the lasagne dish
  7. place your courgette strips on top
  8. add three big spoonfuls of pesto till the layer of courgette is covered.
  9. add your pre steamed veggies
  10. add the second layer of courgette strips
  11. then add the final layer of risotto
  12. cook in 180C oven for 25 minutes or until the top is crispy and the courgette is soft.
  13. serve and enjoy

I think I want to write more poetry.

she asked

Mindfulness Writing

In my Last Post, I talked about setting small attainable goals. My most recent being to write a little every day, which at first I found difficult. But in my creative writing class, I discovered mindfulness writing, in which I take a notebook and sit and write constantly for 5 minutes, about anything that pops into my head. No filter, no need, it’s definitely not something I would show to another person. It doesn’t need to be perfect, coherent or neat, and it is common to jump quickly from thought to thought as is natural in our brains.

2016-03-06 21.31.56If you’ve never heard of mindfulness it is a practice created from Buddhist roots which help a person focus on the moment at hand. Instead of the usual focus on the past or trying to look to the future which can lead to stress, anxiety or depression. It is often associated with meditation but there are many other ways to practice Mindfulness that are just as effective. Mindfulness writing can help you focus on the thoughts you’re having at that particular moment.

This made writing much easier and more enjoyable. I was writing for myself rather than to please anyone else and it helped give me the confidence to begin many pieces I was unwilling to attempt for fear that they would not turn out perfectly. It’s given me the confidence to start putting pen to paper, or in this case, finger to keyboard.

If you get a moment to practice Mindfulness writing I would love to hear how you found it and I hope it serves you well. Peace out!

MoonWink xoxo

I hate those Stars

I hate those stupid, little glow in the dark stars,

I used to love them you know,

Knowing we hung each one from the ceiling together,

Placed carefully,

Each spot chosen with care

I would see them and think ‘these stars are just for us,

Our own little Galaxy’,

Now whenever I look up at them I notice the empty side of the bed,

And realise that they shined brighter for me.

Photo 04-03-2016, 03 00 14