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Mayim, again you are my absolute babe. You have said things better than I ever could have and there is no explanation needed to what this amazing person has to say:



For anyone who has had to “PROVE” their mental illness

When it comes to work, social environments or even officials like your GP, we are always having to show evidence of our mental illness. The problem being, that there is not always physical evidence that comes along with it. Feeling like you constantly have to prove your invisible illness is incredibly invalidating, not only to you, but also to other people who share the same problem. No one has the right to tell you how you feel and only a mental health professional can diagnose you. Not only that, but often diagnoses can be incorrect or different depending on the doctor.

I’ve had people tell me I’m lazy or not trying hard enough, when they have no idea of my struggles. It can lead to making me feel like that IS the case. These words can be incredibly detrimental and harming to someone that is already struggling.

The problem here is often that people are ignorant of how mental illness can manifest, if you are not suffering constantly or if you are not showing symptoms, that people associate with the illness, then you can be seen as faking or attention seeking.

Not only is this stigmatising it can create problems for the  person suffering. It is simply not good enough. We need to take people at their word and help them when they need it. Not question if they’re being genuine.

Below are examples of just having to prove disability on the internet:



Almost everyone knows that those that struggle with mental health are much more likely to have the ability to create some beautiful art. I, however am not one of them… and, like singing, I do it anyway, because… well… I enjoy it gosh darn it!

Having social anxiety means I can spend a lot of my time at home alone. Which is fine with me because I enjoy my own company, something which I have had to learn with time. But it also means that I’m in the same space A LOT! I like to get creative and mix things about from time to time. One day I decided to paint one of my walls with chalkboard paint and I’ve never looked back. It’s given me the flexibility to let my creative freedoms flow.

Most of my inspirations have come in the forms of quotes and life events and just things that make me, me! So here I present to you all, my very bad, but lovingly made, chalkboard wall!

They say mantras are important, so I have mine by the front door 

#catladygoals now if only I could write in a straight line….

I felt like I needed to share some humour with the world

​​Just FYI, that ‘glow’ is sweat because I just came back from the gym 😂​