Preparing for the new year

  • One good thing to start with when preparing for the new year is to put old things to
    bed. Got any gifts you haven’t sent? Any bills you haven’t paid? I’ve sent packages that needed sending, caught up with everyone that I need to.
  • Get prepared for being organised. I’ve ordered this new years planner and I’ve vowed not to be ambitious with it. I’ve gone for a cheaper option because I also want to work on my finances.Start using this method a few days before so you can get used to it and tweak.
  • Set your goals for the next year and be realistic. For example, I want to start making my food more often but if I can’t do that then I won’t feel too bad about it.
  • Don’t set too many goals at once. Remember you can add goals to work on throughout the year too! You don’t want to overwhelm yourself.
  • Practice my spirituality. I plan on setting intentions for the new year and bottling it with herbs to remind myself and encourage my goals.




This year I plan to:

-Take my written driving test

-Take my practical driving test

-Start and finish my second module of Uni

-Have an online article published

-Publish my own poetry book

-Sell and create more candles

-Spend less

-Make food more

-Spend the year single