Getting back into old habits… hopefully

I want to start getting back into some old habits that seem to have dropped off of my radar. I hate that BPD makes me feel like i’ve lost my identity and that i’m constantly creating new ones, so i need to get back into habits of my past which should hopefully help me feel more consistent. Like blogging and ‘planning’ in my diary… i mean we’ll see how long this lasts. But i still want to keep up with my new interests like my new found spirituality and hopefully candle making. Maybe also go back to some jewellery making while i’m there. I’m sick of these identity issues and Planning was actually a super helpful habit. I would also like to start writing more poetry and actually finish the book i started creating. That would be great, but maybe i’m putting too much on myself at once, on a time when i’m really struggling? I can only try and see what happens then not beat myself up if i fail.


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