How ‘Learned Helplessness’ stops us from achieving our goals…

So, as usual, I’ve started a project and not followed through. I’m talking about beginning to write my blog and getting disheartened almost immediately. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon thing with me. When looking as to why I often blame my low self-esteem, depression and fear of failure, which is partially correct. To look deeper into it I’ll discuss a concept my boyfriend and I talked about recently when reading the book ‘Complex PTSD’ by Pete Walker. This concept is Learned Helplessness

Now i’m gonna get into the learning, something you might hear about in a psychology class but i found it very eye opening.

Back in the day, when ethics surrounding psychological experiments were more lax, Seligman (1974) began to work with dogs and learned behaviours with electric shocks. He found that when the dogs perceived there as being no escape from the situation and efforts to improve the situation have not worked then they give up trying. His idea was that humans with depression or humans that have experienced abuse or ongoing traumas can experience learned helplessness. We give up very easily as soon as we begin finding it difficult.

Looking to see why we behave the way we do is the first step into changing our behaviour and this has definitely helped in that regard, although finding out how to learn a more healthy coping strategy is another problem entirely. I’ll get back to you guys on that one!

Peace out!

MoonWink xoox

learned helpless copy


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