Mindfulness Writing

In my Last Post, I talked about setting small attainable goals. My most recent being to write a little every day, which at first I found difficult. But in my creative writing class, I discovered mindfulness writing, in which I take a notebook and sit and write constantly for 5 minutes, about anything that pops into my head. No filter, no need, it’s definitely not something I would show to another person. It doesn’t need to be perfect, coherent or neat, and it is common to jump quickly from thought to thought as is natural in our brains.

2016-03-06 21.31.56If you’ve never heard of mindfulness it is a practice created from Buddhist roots which help a person focus on the moment at hand. Instead of the usual focus on the past or trying to look to the future which can lead to stress, anxiety or depression. It is often associated with meditation but there are many other ways to practice Mindfulness that are just as effective. Mindfulness writing can help you focus on the thoughts you’re having at that particular moment.

This made writing much easier and more enjoyable. I was writing for myself rather than to please anyone else and it helped give me the confidence to begin many pieces I was unwilling to attempt for fear that they would not turn out perfectly. It’s given me the confidence to start putting pen to paper, or in this case, finger to keyboard.

If you get a moment to practice Mindfulness writing I would love to hear how you found it and I hope it serves you well. Peace out!

MoonWink xoxo


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