You are NOT perfect and I’m not even sorry

I’m not going to be one of those inspirational posters that say ‘everyone is perfect just the way they are’ because it’s not true. No one is perfect and aspiring to be that way is just setting yourself up for failure. I say this as a perfectionist myself. After having almost a year of CBT, I have come to discover my low self-esteem is what hinders me more than anything and that all stems from my desire to be perfect, which it turns out is an impossible task. Setting standards that are too high for ourselves can pull us down even when the goals we create have been put there to raise us up.

However, I do admit that having goals is important. It’s true that we as people need to be constantly improving ourselves. It’s quite common to never be fully satisfied with what we have, thanks to our consumerist culture. But it’s important that these goals be attainable and set with smaller steps that will help you get there. For example saying ‘My house must be perfectly clean all the time’ is putting too much pressure on yourself and starting slowly is where you are going to go right.

Begin smaller, try with making sure the sink is clean before bed and once you’ve got that down add something else into the mix. If you’re struggling then there is no shame in going back a step.

Living with a mental illness like depression can make even the simplest tasks seem incredibly difficult when you can’t motivate yourself and I hope this advice helps in some way. But it is also there for people who aren’t suffering, that have a goal in mind.

MoonWink xoxo


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